What better way to prepare for your big day, than to DE-stress and connect with your friends/family/bridal party with yoga!   You can choose between a calm and cool restorative Yin class, or a confidence boosting Power vinyasa class.  All classes are 75 minutes long and prices vary depending on what your class size is and what supplies are needed.  

These private sessions can be for the bride alone, or for the brides private group (groom, parents, in-laws, siblings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, whomever.)  Each session is customized to suit the fitness levels of anyone in the group.   Adding yoga to any point of your wedding planning process will not only lessen the stresses of planning such a special event, but will connect everyone in attendance in a unique way.  Once the big day comes, you will all feel so peaceful and connected.  

Here's your selection of what Bridal Yoga with Randi has to offer:

  • Bridal shower yoga - The bride and her bridal shower guests have the opportunity to connect and bond as they collectively celebrate the bride. You can choose between starting the party with yoga, or open your gifts and have a light snack (no less than 2 hours before your session) before we start moving.


  • Bachelorette party yoga (Yoga + WIne) - the bride and her bachelorette party can cut loose and party with a yoga session, followed by either beer or wine and festivities. (Beer/wine either provided by the organizer or I can bring it for an additional cost; tea can also be provided for your sober guests)


  • Wedding Day yoga (can also be scheduled for the evening before) - Fight those pre-wedding jitters by connecting with yourself (and your partner)! A yoga session the morning (or night before) will calm your nerves and connect you to your breath, which will assist in balancing your emotions and keeping you cool and collected throughout the rest of your day. This option is perfect for the bride and groom to connect alone before they become united.


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